My general research theme is Applied Microeconomics (broadly defined). My current research areas are Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Experimental Finance, Corporate Finance and Industrial Organization.



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Yohanes E. Riyanto
Version Feb 2018


My Favorite Quote

"Discover your best distance". Some people are good sprinters in research. They can very quickly spot and make a neat point; they do this frequently, and in many different areas and issues. Hal Varian and Barry Nalebuff are two of the best sprinters I know. In the same methapor, others are middle distance runners. In fact most economists are at some point in this broad category. A few, for example Robert Lucas and James Mirlees, are marathoners; they run only a small number of races, but those are epics, and they get the most (and fully deserved) awe and respect. In contrast, the profession seems to undervalue sprinters. But each kind of work has its own value, and the different types are complements in the overall scheme of things. Progress of the subject as a whole is a relay race, where different stretches are of different lenghts and are optimally run by different people. Find out where your comparative advantage lies (My System of Work (Not!), Avinash Dixit, 1998, pp.1-12)"